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After studying art at New York University, Jacquie Israel moved to California and helped launch “Storyopolis,” a gallery, bookstore and production company funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The gallery showcased the best in illustration, especially that found in children’s books, album covers and magazines like The New Yorker. As gallery curator, Jacquie developed relationships with hundreds of world-renowned illustrators and organized full-scale events and exhibits of their work.

When Jacquie had her third child, she left her full-time job with Storyopolis to work as an art advisor for private clients . Recognizing how hard it is for people who have work and family responsibilities to venture out to see art, Jacquie was inspired to create Art House as a way to share art in an easy-going and intimate way.

Using the walls of her home to display art, Jacquie provides a warm and inviting space for people interested in seeing what a piece might look like in their own home. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of art with people of all ages and interests. She also hosts events, educational opportunities and fundraisers at Art House—often bringing in music, performances and artists-at-work to complement her exhibits. A wide variety of work is often on view including painting, drawing, photography, collage, video, multimedia and textiles.

Estabilished 2007.